Double Electric Breast Pump Kit

Our brand new Finesse pump mimics our Ameda Platinum® multi-user hospital pump waveform in a discreet, personal pump and is designed for daily use. Lightweight and portable for your on-the-go life.


Technology at Home

Independent speed and suction controls allow you to choose settings most comfortable for an increased milk supply.

ComfortFlow™ Technology is designed to mimic baby’s natural suckling. This technology provides a comfortable and smooth feel for mum while pumping which is clinically proven to establish a better milk flow.

Achieve More Milk

Establish a Better Flow

Designed to work with our

Proven Airlock Protection™ prevents air flow between expressed milk and tubing while pumping.

Its solid barrier keeps narrow pump tubing dry so no need to clean or replace it.

Also available as sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use kits for hospital use.

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