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Medical Standard Breastfeeding Pumps

Experience hospital-grade breast pumps for safe and easy expression when you need it most. These days, devices like this are used commonly across the globe to help stimulate lactation for women who may be experiencing problems with their milk supply, or as an alternative for little ones who are struggling to latch naturally. This allows them to drink natural breast milk from a bottle, making the devices highly ideal for women who are returning to work but want to continue with this approach.

Choosing the Right Pump for You

Because this is such an important and delicate process it is vital to have the right equipment on hand for the job. Ameda stocks the highest quality, hospital-grade options and accessories to suit all mothers, backed with advanced features to make the journey simple and effective.

Electric options are much easier to use than manual models and are quiet, powerful and will not cause any discomfort. Store milk easily and have a supply readily on hand for your child, around the clock. Whether you are looking for ongoing expression while you work or for medical reasons or you just want to enjoy a night out without having to worry, we have the best options for you.

Versatile, Comfortable Breast Feeding Pumps

Are you a mum returning to work and hoping to continue weaning your baby? Our devices are quiet, comfortable and a safe and effective way to store extra milk for later consumption.

We know how important it is for some mums to nourish their little ones naturally – especially if they don’t want to – or can’t – use formula. Our team is dedicated to innovating hospital-grade support equipment to help you and your newborn find a suitable routine at home.

Further supportive of mums who may be experiencing challenges with their natural supply – or little ones who are resistant to latching – bottling your own milk ensures you’re able to feed your bub without the daily battle.

Store Your Own Milk Conveniently

No longer representative of the uncomfortable or mechanical devices of the past, our equipment has been developed to be quiet, efficient and are designed to comfortably fit your body.

Instead of throwing in the towel, consider the benefits of streamlining your process from home:

  • Safely bottle for later consumption
  • Return to work without having to simultaneously wean your little one
  • Bottle for when your bub is ready to eat if you’re having issues with a regular supply
  • Help a child struggling to latch from a bottle without using formula.
  • Regardless of your reason for wanting to pump, we’re here to help every mum who is searching for safe and effective solutions that can nourish their little one.