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Medical Standard Breastfeeding Pumps

Experience hospital-grade breast pumps for safe and easy expression when you need it most. These days, breastfeeding pumps are used to help stimulate lactation for women who may be experiencing problems with their milk supply, or as an alternative for little ones who are struggling to latch naturally. This allows them to drink natural breast milk from a bottle, making the devices highly ideal for women who are returning to work but want to continue with this approach.

Breastfeeding Pumps

Because this is such an important and delicate process it is vital to have the right equipment on hand for the job. Ameda stocks the highest quality, hospital-grade breast pumps and accessories to suit all mothers, backed with advanced features to make the journey simple and effective.

Electric options are much easier to use than manual pumps and are quiet, powerful and will not cause any discomfort. Store breast milk easily and have a supply readily on hand for your child, around the clock. Whether you are looking for ongoing expression while you work or for medical reasons or you just want to enjoy a night out without having to worry about breastfeeding, we have the best options for you.