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Why use hospital-grade breast pumps: Feeding From Home, Made Easy

 There are many reasons why hospital-grade breast pumps are the best option for expressing mothers. First of all, they are much easier to use than manual options and other motorised alternatives and require much less effort to successfully express. It also means the process is much quicker which is vital for busy mothers where every minute matters.

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Some mothers choose to express so they can continue breastfeeding for a range of different reasons. Perhaps bub is having difficulty latching or may have some medical issues that make traditional approaches difficult. But hospital-grade breast versions are also effective for mothers who are having trouble producing enough milk to feed their baby, as the device can promote greater milk production.

Ameda has a range of options that are some of the best on the market, with models to suit all mothers. Choose from twin models for extra production – ideal for twins – or a long list of accessories to keep you well-equipped 24/7. Discover trolleys, warmers and liners so that you will have everything you need to ensure your baby is getting all of the nutrition it needs to support the development and healthy growth.

If you’re having challenges trying to get your baby to latch – or need a safe and convenient way to bottle milk – consider the advantages of using our hospital-grade equipment.

Quiet, efficient, and comfortably designed to fit the contours of your body, our innovative support devices can:

- Bottle milk for little ones who are struggling to latch
- Store extra supply for future or nighttime consumption
- Help women returning to work continue to feed their child
- Help mothers with irregular supply to nourish their bub once they’re ready to eat.

Seamless, Reliable Breast Pumps for Australian Mums

Instead of worrying about weaning your little one once you return to work, or having to switch to formula if you’re just not ready, the benefits of preparing from home can help you find a regular routine for you and your child.

Safe, comfortable and effective, the benefits of natural weaning for nourishment and bonding are well documented – and we want to help you experience them all.

Designed in Brisbane to support Australian mums nationwide, we’re here to help your family find a convenient routine to nourish your little one.


Ameda Australia Ameda Platinum Breast Pump
Ameda Platinum Breast Pump
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Ameda Australia Trolley for Ameda Platinum / Elite Pump
Trolley for Ameda Platinum / Elite Pump
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Ameda Penguin Single Well Nutritional Warmer Without Bag
Penguin Nutritional Warmer
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Ameda Therma-Liner Bag
Penguin Nutritional Warmer Therma-Liners (Box of 50)
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