Breast Milk Collection Kits - What are they?

Breast Milk Collection Kits - What are they?

What is a Milk Collection Kit?

The Ameda Milk Collection Kits are the individual accessories that are used to collect breast milk, including the bottle. In the United States, Ameda is the only brand of Milk Collection Kit which has an FDA approval. This means that our Milk Collections Kits are deemed as a Closed System and the safest Milk Collection Kit available on the market.

Newborns are susceptible to infection from germs in the open air, mould, bacteria and other viruses. Ameda has recognised this and created a Closed System Milk Collection Kit to remove the potential of mould and other germs spreading into the kit and your Breast Milk. Our specially designed kits keep Mum and Bub in mind reducing labour and effort in cleaning as well as contamination of Breast Milk.

The small Silicone Diaphragm which sits in the top of the Milk Collection Kit creates a clear barrier between the Breast Milk and the Breast Pump creating a closed system, Mould and Bacteria free Breast Pump. This Diaphragm also protects any potential germs or bacteria that are on your Breast Pump itself penetrating your Breast Milk.  

Other Milk Collection Kits on the market are not as safe as Ameda. The tubing on Non-Ameda kits allow milk to travel through the tubing and require the tubing to be thoroughly washed after use. Due to the narrow width of the Silicone Tubing, it is very hard to ensure that the tube is dried completely. This moisture in the tubing is the perfect place for bacteria and germs to grow and thrive.

Washing Your Ameda Milk Collection Kit

Ameda Australia recommends boiling the Milk Collection Kit (Except Tubing, Adaptor Cap and Double Tubing Connector) for 20 minutes prior to first use. This is to ensure that any Bacteria transferred onto the kits are killed before use.  Ameda Milk Bottles and Flanges can be washed in a standard dishwasher (top shelf) up to 200 times! The small soft Silicone Diaphragm and valve are best washed in warm soapy water and then air-dried.

The Silicone Tubing which extends from the Breast Pump to your Milk Collection Kit do not need to be washed between each use. The Silicone Tubing does not come into contact with the Breast Milk so there is absolutely no need to wash between use. All of our Milk Collection Kits can have an additional Ameda Manual Hand Adaptor connected to it. This means you can instantly have access to a Portable Hand-Held Manual Breast Pump. Manual Breast Pumps are not as efficient in expressing Breast Milk compared to Electric Breast Pumps, but it is nice to have the option of a conveniently portable Manual Breast Pump.

 Interested in learning more about our range of Ameda Milk Collection Kits or you're unsure of which Milk Collection Kit is right for you? Contact us or browse our store for more information! 

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