How Flange Size Can Make Or Break Pumping

How Flange Size Can Make Or Break Pumping

Did You Know Flange Size Matters?

You wouldn't buy any bra off the rack without checking the size on the label. But what few new mums realize is that the same principle applies to pumping. Your flange fit may be completely different to the mum next to you!

As a general reminder, the flange is the cone-shaped piece of plastic that sits directly over the breast. An important part to watch for with flange sizing, is the width of the opening. Watch your nipple during a pumping session to check your fit:

Too Small: Some, or all of your nipple rubs against the sides of the flange whilst pumping.

Too Big: Your nipple moves freely, with space around it. A large portion of your areola pulls in with your nipple and rubs against the sides of the flange.

Just Right: Your nipple moves freely in the flange, and you can see some space. Only a tiny bit of the areola is sucked into the flange tunnel with your nipple. 

Flange size is measured in millimeters, and Ameda's standard flange size is 25.0mm. We also offer Custom Flanges or 'Inserts' to try and accommodate all breast sizes! Your flange fit might change as the months go on, so be sure to recheck your fit periodically to keep pumping comfortably!

Ameda Flange Sizes:

Watch this video on achieving a Good Flange Fit:


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