Why Ameda?

Ameda was founded over 75 years ago by Swedish engineer, Einar Egnell. Since then, we have been able to provide new mothers with a comfortable and effective breast pumping experience. 

At Ameda, we understand and acknowledge that breastfeeding is the best option you can give your baby. Breastfeeding should always take priority over breast pumping where possible. However, in the case that you are unable to breastfeed, we are here to support you! Whether you are after an electric breast pump or a manual breast pump, we have a solution to fit your needs.

We stock a range of electric breast pumps including our popular Ameda Finesse and Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps.

Ameda's Airlock Protection

So, why Ameda? What makes Ameda stand out from our competitors is our proven airlock protection, which protects both mum and baby when breast pumping breastmilk. The Ameda range of breast pumps are not only portable, quiet and affordable, but they are loved by mothers all over the globe.

New to breastfeeding? We have a library of breastfeeding tips and breastfeeding guides that allow you to breastfeed in style.