How Do I Choose The Best Breast Pump For Me & Baby?

How Do I Choose The Best Breast Pump For Me & Baby?

As a new mother, it may feel as though you have suddenly been transformed into a professional decision maker.

From which brand of pram to invest in, to what type of cot is best for your baby, there’s a seemingly endless stream of products with variable features on the market. How can you possibly narrow it down to just one?! Well, we’ve got the solution for you!

Choosing the right breast pump is another important decision to make. Can you see many hours ahead of you filled with sifting through guides, scrolling through mum blogs and assessing the most reliable and safe options for your budget? We’ve put together this straightforward, simple guide to assist you in making the best decision for you and your baby when it comes to safely expressing breast milk.

Express and store milk safely and with ease by using a breast pump. Express milk more efficiently with an electric breast pump.


Why Do I Need A Breast Pump?

Choosing the pump which will work best for you, your baby and your circumstance depends on a number of factors. The most common include the following:

Medical Reasons

Premature birth, difficulties “latching on”, problems with swallowing, mastitis and sore nipples can inhibit the babies ability to be breastfed in the initial days after birth.

To ensure new babies are able to receive the essentials of breast milk in these important early stages, a breast pump is used to stimulate milk production and provide the nutrients the baby needs. The Hospital grade Ameda Platinum is the best we have for mothers who are solely expressing breast milk in the first weeks after delivery.

Share the love/time out

Caring for a newborn baby could possibly be one of the most important roles you will ever experience. It can also be of the most exhausting! By using a breast pump to express milk for the “one-off” occasion you can take some time out for yourself and give another caring adult the opportunity to feed your baby.

Returning to work

Returning to work either part or full-time doesn’t have to mean the end of the breastfeeding journey.
Many women will express breast milk while at work (as many as four times in a standard workday). If this sounds like your plan, a personal electric breast pump would be our most suitable product.

Need a helping hand to produce milk

You might be having trouble feeding or producing milk, which may require assistance from a breast pump to encourage your baby to breastfeed. A common example is when the breast becomes too full for baby to latch on and needs to be pumped for a few minutes to soften the areola and nipple).

How do I choose the best breast pump for me & baby?

Which Type Of Breast Pump Should I Choose?

There are three types of breast pumps readily available to new mums.

Manual breast pumps – For the DIY Mum!

A manual breast pump, such as the Ameda Manual Breast Pump, is best for Mums who are breastfeeding but wish to have an occasional supply of breast milk so that they can be away from their baby for an outing. They’re also ideal for if you want to incorporate another person into your baby’s feeding schedule to grab a little extra rest or encourage bonding time. Manual breast pumps are recommended for mothers wish to pump no more than once a day. They are quiet, discreet and budget-friendly. They do, however, require you to pump the milk by hand, which can hard to juggle if you are a pro-multitasker and need to pump frequently. If that’s you, then maybe a personal electric breast pump might suit you more!

Personal electric breast pumps – For the multi-tasker Mum!

Electric breast pumps can be powered via a wall adapter or battery operated, for better convenience. They’re much more efficient than a manual pump, and dual pumping can be achieved with all models. A personal electric breast pump, such as the Purely Yours Breast Pump, is the best option for you if you already have an established milk supply and if you are planning on going back to work and being away from your baby, for one or more feedings. Many electric breast pumps have customizable features so that you can adjust the suction and speed to mimic the rhythm of your baby’s breastfeeding for better results.

Multi-user breast pumps – For the Mum who needs a helping hand!

New mothers most commonly utilise this type of pump in a hospital. They allow you to attach your own milk collection kit to the pump for safe and hygienic pumping. Multi-user pumps, like the Elite Breast Pump, are electronically operated and are optimised for single or double pumping. They’re recommended for mothers who are not yet nursing for several reasons including latching difficulties or because their baby is born preterm. A multi-user electric breast pump such as the Ameda Platinum can assist you to establish full milk production with highly customised options for multiphase pumping. This type of breast pump is also ideal if you are exclusively expressing long-term to maintain a full milk supply. Multi-user breast pumps are often top-of-the-line. They’re used in maternity nurseries throughout Australia to assist new mothers, like yourself!

We hope this guide has given you a clear overview of the types of breast pumps available for new mothers who are nursing, expressing or undergoing a combination of both. To shop Ameda’s range of breast pumps, browse our store today. Still not sure which breast pump is best for you? Contact us to discuss our products or inquire about one of Ameda’s multi-user breast pumps.

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